Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary 

Annual Easter Egg Hunt, 2015

Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary will hold its Annual Easter Egg Hunt this year on the following dates:


March 15, 21, 22, 28, 29 and April 4th and 5th (Easter Sunday is the 5th) from 12 noon to 3 pm.


Our annual hunts are a favorite with children and parents. We offer a relaxed, non-competitive hunt, for ages 1-8, where each child can find colorful eggs at their own pace in our Playground Area*. (Please, only 10 eggs per child.) Then bring the eggs to our volunteers to get your candy surprise!


We expect to have Easter Bunny Sightings! 
Also, before or after the hunt, you can tour the entire sanctuary and meet all of our wonderful animals, or simply sit by the fire, chat, and enjoy the day.


Come celebrate Spring with all of us at Winslow Farm! It has been a long, cold winter, and the animals are looking forward to better weather and your visits!

*Please be aware this is an outdoor event and is subject to changing weather conditions.


Admission to this is event is $10.00 for adults, 
$5.00 for children
[All admission fees go directly to the care and feeding of our animals]


Please bring your favorite basket!

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Admission to Winslow Farm

$10.00 for adults,

$5.00 for children, under 2 are free.

Admission prices are subject to change for special events;

please contact Winslow Farm for more information.


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     Winslow Farm is an active participant with the Network for Good and donations may be made securely through these offices or you may directly donate to Winslow Farm by clicking the donate button below.


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Featured Animals






Meet Belle! Belle is a fourteen year old Hafflinger horse. The first four years of her life she worked as a plow horse in the Pennsylvania farm country. She was worked hard and because she was so young she developed tendon issues in her fetlocks and was sent to a slaughter house. Belle was then saved by a 14 year old, young man who eventually out grew her. Belle has had nine homes in her 14 years of life. She came to us in January of '2015' to live out the rest of her life. She is a very sweet horse and a beautiful addition to the herd.


Donate to Winslow Farm for Belle!


Winslow Farm Visits New York City to appear on

Martha Stewart


Debra White, Martha Stewart, Alexis Fox, Nancy Bolanis, MD


     We were delighted to be guests on Martha Stewart's daily live radio show on SiriusXM Satellite Radio in New York City, NY. Martha invited us to come and participate in a discussion of the extremely important issues of factory farming, more humane treatment of animals in the food industry, and the movement to provide for the humane treatment of animals in general. This opportunity to bring these issues and to highlight the efforts of Winslow Farm was unique, exciting and uplifting.

     Callers to the show raised wonderful questions, particularly "What can I do to help?". Nancy Bolanis, MD was able to speak to this issue, having documented the journey of Willow-Mia the pig from foraging along a highway to her permanent home at Winslow Farm in her book, "Willow Mia Pig - 1 in 100 Million". Alexis Fox, MA Director of the Humane Society of the United States, provided background and information concerning activism and awareness related to factory farming reforms, and the resources HSUS can bring to the issues. Debra White, our President and Founder discussed Winslow Farm's mission and vision from her unique perspective. 

     We hope to be able to include a link to the 1 hour radio show on our Media page soon. In the coming weeks we will be adding to the site to expand our links to information, interviews and ways to contribute to the efforts to improve the conditions under which our nation's farm animals live. Many thanks to Martha Stewart and her staff for providing us with this great opportunity to raise awareness about Winslow Farm and these other important topics!


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