Snow Moon and Dublin

Debra White learned these two beautiful animals were placed in kill pens in Oklahoma. She took action and literally paid for their lives. Sadly so many wonderful horses meet this horrible fate. Saved from being slaughtered, Snow Moon, a Mexican pony, and Dublin, a Welsh pony, were transported to Missouri for their quarantine of up to a month. On May 25, 2019, the two horses arrived at Winslow Farm at 9:30 PM. They travelled all the way from Missouri for 28 hours with only one stop. They are temporarily sharing the barn with our two donkeys, Stardust and Jezebel until their new prefabricated barn arrives and can be assembled. Considering all they have through, Snow Moon and Dublin have settled in extremely well, with the all the curious Winslow animals from alpacas to the mini horses routinely visit our two new family members.