Snow Moon and Dublin

Debra White learned these two beautiful animals were placed in kill pens in Oklahoma. She took action and literally paid for their lives. Sadly so many wonderful horses meet this horrible fate. Saved from being slaughtered, Snow Moon, a Mexican pony, and Dublin, a Welsh pony, were transported to Missouri for their quarantine of up to a month. Winslow Farm needs your help! Once their quarantine time is completed, we need to pay for their transport to Norton, MA by a reputable horse transportation service which will cost up to $2000. We also need to purchase a prefabricated barn for them. Due to the urgency of their rescue, we will have no time to build a barn for them. This will cost an additional $12000. They will need vet care once finally in their safe, permanent home at the farm. This will cost about $500. Please join Winslow Farm and be part of the rescue of Snow Moon and Dublin!