We were delighted to be guests on Martha Stewart's daily live radio show on SiriusXM Satellite Radio in New York City, NY. Martha invited us to come and participate in a discussion of the extremely important issues of factory farming, more humane treatment of animals in the food industry, and the movement to provide for the humane treatment of animals in general. This opportunity to bring these issues and to highlight the efforts of Winslow Farm was unique, exciting and uplifting.

Callers to the show raised wonderful questions, particularly, "What can I do to help?" Nancy Bolanis, MD was able to speak to this issue, having documented the journey of Willow-Mia the pig from foraging along a highway to her permanent home at Winslow Farm in her book, "Willow Mia Pig, 1 in 100 Million." Alexis Fox, MA Director of the Humane Society of the United States, provided background and information concerning activism and awareness related to factory farming reforms, and the resources HSUS can bring to the issues. Debra White, our President and Founder discussed Winslow Farm's mission and vision from her unique perspective.

Many thanks to Martha Stewart and her staff for providing us with this great opportunity to raise awareness about Winslow Farm and these other important topics!

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Debra White, Martha Stewart, Alexis Fox, Nancy Bolanis, MD